Philippians 4 testimony
Today's message was just definitely on point for where I'm at. I've been suffering with anxiety attacks and depression for a couple of months now. It's always tough to admit to such things when in theory Christians are already free. 

I appreciated today's message and want to use the tools of this day’s message to continue to grow in my current situation. All too often Christians assume every tough situation requires us to 'just pray about it' or just 'have faith'.

Yet our spiritual war requires that the tactics we use are more strategic and direct. God’s intention is to see us free, and fear and anxiety are the absolute opposite of this.

Grant explained it so well today, in that suffering with anxiety is like being locked up in a cage. It completely prevents you to do the work of God because of how debilitating it can get.

I wanted to share a testimony of some of the progress I've started experiencing in the area as I believe it affects so many people in the church who suffer in silence, too scared to admit it. While I am still healing, there have been a couple of things I've had to do to proactively help me get through it.


God loves His bride
It had been one of those busy weeks again. The weekend was not promising to slow down. I knew I had family responsibilities that needed my attention and I knew Rob Rufus was a must go to event. My work deadlines were piling faster than I’d like. Still, my heart was being tugged on.

With determination and obedience, I turned to the Holy Spirit Ok, I will go to Rob Rufus on Friday night but you are going to have to sort my deadlines out. I knew that the Lord would be faithful; he always is.

That Friday night was a night that God opened my eyes to the depths of his love for his church. As I listened to Rob Rufus, my heart experienced wave after wave of awe as I saw Jesus, the lover of His bride, and the love he holds in his heart for her.

As I listened to Rob Rufus, it was as though I was teleported out of time. I saw the Trinity discussing the importance of making a wife for Adam. Rob Rufus continued to speak on how we reflect God’s desires in our own desires for love, intimacy, and relationship. I saw Jesus looking at his bride with love, adoration, and longing. The intensity of his love for her was blazing fire. I saw a groom who would literally move heaven and earth to rescue his bride, to defender her, to woo her and more. Everything we could ever desire in our human relationships was epitomized in the beauty of intimacy with Jesus.

As His bride, the Father is bringing us back to that place of being “cut to the heart” with conviction and adoration for our groom, Jesus. This is the revelation of covenant that he is bringing to His church. The revelation that we are His and He is ours. The conviction that He is our first love.

In this cut to the heart or circumcised state we find ourselves compelled with the love of God. No longer do we sway to the left or to the right. No longer do our eyes stray to other gods or distractions and when they arise our conviction compels us to say no. We say no to maintain that single-minded devotion to our first love.

In this place of deep intimacy with Jesus, we begin to realize more astutely what moves his heart and what grieves it. In the same way that a husband and wife can experience great joy or sorrow so can our relationship with Jesus either grieve his heart or release endless joy. Thus we become more discerning and protective over his heart. No this is not to say we enter religion or reduce Jesus to a weak state. On the contrary, we take great measures to please him, to love him deeply, to honour him just as we would our own spouse (or spouse to be).

In its pure state, love is one of sacrifice and surrender. Love is not self-seeking. This applies to our walk with Jesus and each other. We lay ourselves down. The more love we receive from him, the greater our love for others become and the deeper we love him. This is the journey of a circumcised heart. 

Amazed by God
I registered at a prayer academy about three years ago and it's basically training to pray more effectively. I was recently sent a prayer programme for 11 days. 
I have been frustrated lately because I just don't know where my life is going, I lost a well-paying job a few years back and it has been a struggle to get another good paying job since, so I ended up settling for a job as a sales rep in a boutique. I had lost everything and had to start from scratch.

I called one of my customers who I last spoke to last year, my intention was to tell her about the new stock and that it's stuff she would like. She is a very busy woman and calling her I knew she would only come after a week or two or I could send her stuff to her house to choose. Surprisingly she came the following day to the store, and ended up spending a rather large sum of money . I was in shock, and whilst in shock she asked me about my current situation and how I survive with such little income. She then suggested that I run errands for her on my days off. I helped her some days and she paid me quite a bit, more than I expected. She then offered me to house sit the whole of December for four weeks and would pay me well.

During our conversations, she mentioned that both her sons would be going to boarding school and that she is interested in starting a business which she would like me to assist her in.

She also offered to pay for my school fees to finish my degree next year and for whatever I want to study afterwards.

She is currently trying to convince her husband for him to hire me as a personal assistant full time before she starts her business as I have been helping her a lot recently.

I find it amazing that this lady is Jewish and I happen to be praying for Israel (as part of my course work). I am very excited to see what god is going to do in her life through me!!

God is faithful, I'm so grateful because I now have a family at Central Parks. I have received encouragement regarding other challenges and it has really helped.

What more can I ask for, He did it for me and I totally trust Him?



Miraculous job provision
My contract ended with itvnetworks at the end of August.  

And I needed a new position immediately, so I sent  my cv out to as many radio stations and tv broadcasters hoping to start a new position 1 September. If I did'nt get anything by the beginning of the new month I would have absolutely no income and I would be in real trouble.

I received absolutely no response from anybody, and time was running out. I was becoming weary and a bit worried. But I kept on praying and praising God for the new position. Last Monday I said to the Lord it's now too late even if I did get a job, I'll only probably start October, and I need money the end of September, otherwise I'll have to start a job immediately, which of course is impossible. No one starts a job in the middle of the month and of course there's normally a process involved.

After 4pm Monday my phone rang and it was this popular radio station. The person wanted to know if I could send him a demo. Which I immediately did. Within 10minutes he asked me to come in the following day and to be prepared to start working immediately.

So I went in Tuesday, and without an interview, I started working and was live on air anchoring the 12pm news. The hours are perfect, from 10am to 2pm. These are the exact hours I wanted to work.

Only God could have done that, especially considering the fact that I didn't apply to the station.
I sent them my cv more than a year ago and have had no contact with them since.
Praise The Lord, He's been consistent in showing himself faithful in my difficult circumstances.
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

My friend told me about a friend of hers who is pregnant with twins. She had recently found out that the twins had a high chance of being born with Down's syndrome (she had gone to two doctors at this point and both had the same diagnosis). I declared life over those babies-that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, that they were knit together in their mother's womb by Papa Himself and therefore no abnormalities were acceptable. She was considering aborting but decided to go see a specialist. The specialist could find no chromosomal abnormalities! The twins are completely cleared! YAY JESUS!!!


- Monique Dobe

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