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3 planes flying overhead
| 22 September 2015
On Sunday morning during the prayer time before the service, three planes flew overhead in formation.  As I looked up it reminded me of the Trinity and how our strength comes from flowing in the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I wrote the following poem during worship the same morning:
Flying in formation with God
High up in the sky, soaring free
There is no place I would rather be,
Wing to wing we fly
Supporting each other in the sky.

Together we fly as one
Joined with the Father, Spirit and Son.
Each is focused on the whole
As we soar and dive and roll.

Careful precision is needed here
A vision that is true and clear.
When we follow where God leads
That is when our flight succeeds.

Keeping Him in our sight
Everything will be all right
As He guides us through the storms and clouds
We hear His voice when everything else seems loud.

As we continue to soar to new heights
The burden He gives us is so light
In formation with Him we soar
And discover we were made for so much more!

He will never let us crash and burn
He leads us through each twist and turn.
His love is all we ever need
A love that is pure and generous indeed.

By Joy Dickie

This good news
Grant Flaum | 10 August 2015
Good morning beautiful Central Parks family, the beloved saints, the hungry ones,

To think that through a wild deliberate act of intense love God broke the barrier between man and God and sent Jesus as our mediator that we were gifted this radical love initiative not because of anything we did, but because of a love sick Father calling His children home.

And those that have received this redemption act and received Jesus into their hearts now live fully equipped to love and be loved within the Father's family and out on to the streets of their world.
As we burn and yearn for Him He floods us with a love and power that knows no limits.

All it takes is one 'yes' and a tucking in close to the author and perfector of love itself.

Arise Central Parks City Church. This is our finest hour.

History is about to be re-written.

Your very proud leader

a vision and a poem
cpadmin | 22 January 2015
On Sunday, Holy Spirit gave Claudine a vision and Joy a poem. May you be lifted up and encouraged by Holy Spirit's love for you as you read these:

On Sunday while we were worshipping I saw a vision from the Holy Spirit. It was huge wings, and these huge wings are not attached to something because they can attach to anyone in need. These wings are so huge they drag behind the person they are attached to and give the person the ability to walk into barren dark land and transform it into lush green fields filled with life. These wings of love pick you up when you don't have the stregnth to lift your head. And they are big enough to cover you and shield you from all harm. I felt a warm safe feeling while seeing this.

I believe God wants to let us know that these wings are for each and every one of us and can lift you high above any problem you may face and shield you from stormy weather and winds. These wings are wings of hope, wings of love, wings of strength and wings of safety.

Isaiah 40:27-31 MSG

letter from grant and lisa
Grant Flaum | 09 December 2014
Thank you to everyone who has given of themselves for the benefit of the Central Parks community this past year. It hasn't been an easy year for us. We have had to weather some intense storms.

They say "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger' and we can with confidence say we are a stronger more robust community as a result of 2014.

God has been incredibly good and incredibly faithful.

As a people we are more focused and more determined to pursue the mandate on us as a house. We are in a very good space to go after our dreams in 2015.

What are our dreams? In essence we want to bring the kingdom to the Parks suburbs and we want to build Central Parks to be a "strong tower" in the city.

In January you will be hearing a lot about our vision, goals, etc for the year. Lisa and myself and the leadershp team are so excited to share our hearts with you around the direction we are going in as a local church.

The '1000' prayers intitative started in October, has born great fruit thus far and we want to continue going after the stuff that gets us excited.

We are trusting for a big harvest as more and more of the Central Parks community invite friends, family, collegues and even strangers to our meetings and indeed into our lives.

Thank you for your incredible generostiy this year. You have continued to be so faithful in your giving of your finances throughout the year. May we be a people who continue to put His Kingdom first and be a blessing to the broader community.

In closing, we celebrate our close relationships with friends and fathers. These connections have got us through the challenges we have had to face with sustained passion for Jesus.

May this festive season be filled with incredible peace and joy. May you rest deeply from all your labour and savour precious time with friends and family celebrating Christ the King

Here's to a magnificent and deeply impactful 2015!

All our love

Grant and Lisa 
the pass it on pledge
Nicolene Coertse | 02 December 2014
The Pass it On-Pledge

Grant’s sermon of the 26th of October, “I will make you fishers of men” really stirred me at a deep level. I have heard it being said that Jesus’ Great Commission to his disciples in Matthew 28 has become the Great Omission by the church. Grant also mentioned it in his sermon.


I think we have a long history of wrong thinking that has lead to this omission. Church fathers, a century or two after the apostles’ writing, had realised that there is a real risk involved when people accept Jesus into their lives, and accept the call of God on their lives to proclaim the Gospel to others. These young people might just pack up and leave for Asia or Africa, never to return, and so the church fathers and church families started to convince these new believers that it is more important to build their personal relationship with Christ Jesus, than to go out into the world, hence the rise of ascetics – believers who go live in complete isolation to serve God in that way. I strongly believe that these young believers’ passion and drive to share the Gospel was channelled in the wrong direction.


Another very strong, convincing argument was put forward by St. Augustine, who said: “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.” So we have developed a very strong mindset that we should live a life that is different from the world, so different, that people would be so intrigued to ask why it is so different, and that we would only have to use words then. This is such a wrong mindset. It is actually just confusing and inhibiting. I suspect the argument was born out of countless situations that arose where sharing the Gospel led to heated arguments, so better to protect oneself by not saying anything about Christ, than to land in a heated argument for which you do not feel equipped.


I am continually battling this mindset in myself, and I have encountered it countless times among well-meaning friends and family.


Something else that comes to mind is that we have formed these clear boundaries of some are called to be apostles, evangelists, pastors, deacons, elders and some to be missionaries, and so on, that we forget that God is profoundly able to use any of us to fulfil any of his purposes. Also, it is a convenient excuse to have, i.e. “I am not called to be an evangelist nor missionary, so I need not bother about this or that person who does not know Christ.”

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