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If you're new here, welcome! We are a colourful community of believers with large vision and big dreams, who love Jesus and love our world. What Jesus did and established at the Cross is very good news. In fact it’s scandalous it is so good! He has forgiven our sins, declared man innocent and cancelled any concept of distance between God and man. It is this message of glad tidings we feel compelled to preach because His unfathomable love has captivated us. Read more >>
a healing testimony
Lindsay Hopwood | 16 September 2013
On Tuesday last week my domestic worker sent me a message that she was in hospital having her appendix out. Yet she pitched up on Thursday.  She said that she had gone to hospital because her stomach was so distended and uncomfortable. As she looked 5 months pregnant they took blood tests and did a pregnancy test. She was definitely not pregnant and they scheduled the op for Friday. She left the hospital because she had no pain. Like some others who have testified, I had become discouraged about praying for the sick with no results so instead of praying I set up an appointment for her to see my doctor! She went away and then came back and said she did not want to go to the doctor as her uncle had "prophesied" that her stomach would grow and the doctors would not be able to help her. 

a sozo testimony
Ailie Baumann | 02 September 2013
I used to be a Christian who loved Jesus passionately, read my Bible, prayed, did the Christian things until one day I read a statement that was simple but intensely intimate. This statement hit my heart like a huge meteor crashing into the earth's ground. Here it is

"Jesus is the kindest person I know." - Graham Cooke

In that moment my heart faced Jesus and with heartfelt desire cried out " I don't know that about you. I need to experience you, Jesus, as the kindest person." I was undone because I realized that I loved a God I didn't really know intimately. Did I know him, yes. Did I hear and see Him, yes. Did we have a relationship, yes but not a Love Affair. My heart began to ache for a Love Affair with the Lover of my Soul. It would take roughly 18 months to 2 years for this love affair to become a courtship.
I am not going to go into the details of what had to occur in that time because I believe it will detract from my purpose which is to entice you into a reality of His passionate love for you.  I knew what God had to say about Himself and me in the Bible but I didn't really know what He thought about me. Its one thing to be well-versed in the Bible which is powerful and important but its a completely higher dynamic and power in experiencing God and His love for you. It is nothing that I have ever experienced before. It  is gentle, tender, strong, secure, passionate love. When you encounter love, you are changed forever.

healing and relationship
Claudia Kotzen | 28 August 2013
And by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:4-5)

This is a short and sweet blog on healing and relationship. Because by His stripes we are
healed. The veil was torn. And relationship opened up. I don't have answers or 'keys' when
it comes to healing, but what I do know is that God is all about relationship. And He is so
much bigger. I read Misty Edward's Facebook status the other day and took a deep breath,
just soaking in her vulnerability:

the hardest thing you'll ever do
Lisa Flaum | 15 August 2013
In our journey as a community, we wanted to come against performance and striving to be righteous. So we ran into the notion that we are perfectly perfect.

Completely made righteous perfect. Perfection.

Declaring that over ourselves and everything we do. No space for darkness. But does it leave room for our mess. For dead bunnies and illnesses that don’t get healed? For lies and deception, cravings and brokenness? Wounds to the heart? Loss?

i do love the community of believers
Grant Flaum | 12 August 2013

Sunday morning gatherings are such a highlight for so many of us. I recently came across this Facebook post by Kris Vallotton, a Bethel leader and great influence at Central Parks. Here he is articulating some of what he loves about local church:

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