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life, love and the messy bits in between
Claudia Kotzen | 16 July 2013
Can I have more of You, Jesus?

"Religion is trying to achieve, through ritual and labor, what God wants to give you through relationship. Real relationships are scary, because in a true relationship both parties are free." - Blake Healy

Relationships are normal. Mess is normal. And in any authentic relationship, each person is free.

the simplicity of Jesus
Kristian Holmes | 15 July 2013
Right now we are where we always hoped we would be one day. What Jesus has done to this world through his life, death, resurrection and ascension is reality. He is the truth about everything and everyone. The Holy Spirit is in the business of revealing what has happened to this world in Christ. In other words, the Holy Spirit reveals reality to us.

What God sees is reality. What He has done in Jesus Christ is reality whether we see it or not, believe it or not. God doesn’t change His mind. Jesus comes and shows us the Unchanging One Who has always had His heart set on us.
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be”. Jesus shows us that mankind is His treasure when He becomes a man forever.

let's blow some socks off people
Elize-Marie Muller | 13 June 2013
I don't think Queen Sheba wore socks, but if she lived today, I can safely say that Solomon blew her socks off with his wisdom.  I always thought he was primarily impressing her with his good answers.  But here's 2 things to consider:

1.  I looked up what the clever people say about the Hebrew meaning of the word "Wisdom" - seems we have had a narrow interpretation of what that word in the Hebrew language mean.  It seems to be more accurately translated as "a high degree of knowledge and skill in any domain".   

2.  Notice what the Bible says about the things that impressed Queen of Sheba - The house Solomon built, His seating at the table, the food that was served, the attire of waiters,Solomon’s stairway to God’s house.  These are all things accomplished by Solomon's skills.

We are to make natural things, supernaturally effective because God's wisdom in us equips us with knowledge and skill.

You are skilled with something ! What is that something ?  What is your THING ?

Is it making things beautiful, wonders with words, cooking, loving people in detail, seeing the positive in everything,explaining difficult concepts, green fingers that always get it right, loving the lonely, closing a deal, decorating with excellence, adding laughter to people's lives, making something out of nothing, memorizing and recalling hard facts, remembering peoples names and stories, dressing elegantly with little, drawing glory out of others, identifying solutions to problems, fixing things, listening intently, parenting effortlessly, hitting a ball out of the park. What is it ???

You need to understand that God's wisdom in us equips us to transform what is ORDINARY into the EXTRAORDINARY.  You have the power to glorify God by using your skill to astonish the world.

That's right, you go blow their socks off with your SKILL because the Father has made you WISE !
love sweet beautiful love
Ailie Baumann | 12 June 2013
Love sweet beautiful love is sweeping me up in arms of safety.
Be still my heart for I am faint with love.
How much deeper does your love get than deeper and more consuming than the deepest depths of the ocean.
Oh how I am loved.
In your arms of love I know I'm home.
In your arms of love I find myself, I find everything I ever wanted.
I was created to be in love with you.
Oh my darling love, you created me for this beautiful intimacy.
What a gift! Such a free unconditional gift. Oh what joy is this!
I'm teleported into a reality of truth where I am seated with you on a blanket in fields of grace being fed only the choicest food whilst listening to the flow of your river of love.
How you romance me. Be still heart take it all in. You are deserving of this love.
There is no hindrances no limits. Oh my lover how you love me.
Your royal presence swirls around me in circles of purple and red and I am transformed.
I am transformed by truth that I am your royal beloved.
You embrace me whispering your love into my ear.
You can't get enough of me and I cant get enough of you.
You earnestly pursue me with your love. You give everything to me to love me. What love is this?
I am overwhelmed by you. You gather me into your arms swirling and dancing with me, I am covered completely in love.
Comforted, restored and renewed by you. You call me beloved. You call me royal. You not only place a crown on My head to seal my position In you but you also give me purple roses and I know I am everything you are for you are In Me and I in you.
Oh delight and joy rise up and overtake me. My lover is delighted with me what joy. My joy is made double when I see your delight as I love you back completely.
Love. Love love. Love has saturated me. It sticks to me like honey, I can't get rid of it nor do I want to for love is in me beating life through my body.
I am alive because of love. Harrah I am alive when I'm found in love. Your love keeps me alive.
the promised land
Guy Granger | 10 June 2013
What God has promised, He has given. Jesus came to give us the Promised Land which is our true, God-given identity. The Promised Land is our position in heaven. God's Kingdom IS the Promised Land, and it has been given to us without hesitation or reservation. We have received the fullness of God - this is the Promised Land. It is ours! Jesus has given us the keys to the Kingdom, and the gates of hell cannot persevere. The darkness of a forgotten, lost identity must flee when the identity of our Sonship is revealed. When we recognise who we really are, what Jesus has done for us, then we are in the light. When we realise that the curtain has been torn and we have free access to the Throne Room of God, then we have arrived in the Promised Land!

Our mission is to wake up the Sons and Daughters of God to the truth of who they are. Redemption is the inheritance of every human being - everyone has received this gift, but most people don't know that they have it, and some don't even want it! It is their indifference to their true origin that is the problem.

The greatest praise is to receive the gift from the giver. There is a romance and a mystery in a relationship with the King. He has invited us into the most intimate space with Him - He has allowed us access to His inner chamber. We have permission to drink deeply from the river of His pleasures.
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