building relationship with the deaf community  E-mail
| 16 April 2012
This is a follow up article to the original story I wrote about the deaf students myself and a couple of friends prayed for. Firstly I would like to apologise to the deaf community if I have offended anyone in any way by the article I originally wrote. This was never my intention. I have never really connected with deaf people before and therefore was ignorant of the community and culture. Since this article was written I was contacted by the Principal of St Vincent School and a meeting was scheduled between us. We had a wonderful meeting with the Principal as she shared her perspective and we shared ours. Our desire has always been to work in relationship with those in authority if possible and to build into the community. We are in the process of organising and planning how we will continue to work into this school in relationship with the students and staff.

The exciting thing is that a bridge has been built now and the relationship will continue going forward.

The test results of the main girl in the article were delivered in the middle of our meeting with the Principal and the results showed basically no improvement, yet she claims that she is hearing much better. Her family is radically impacted by what has happened and she has been beaming ever since we met her. We believe she has experienced love and healing in a supernatural way. We are so excited about the relationship with her and many other students that is developing.

Other students we prayed for will also undergo audiology tests soon. We have no intention of stealing people from the deaf community, rather we desire to get to know them and reveal their value to them. We believe all people are equal in God’s eyes and in our eyes and that is our message to every person we encounter. They have incredible self worth.

Our desire is to show every person how much God loves them and how passionate He is about His children. We don’t want to just pray for the students and abandon them but rather build into their lives. I am excited to learn more about this wonderful community and to help and serve them where I can.

Much of my passion in ministry involves physical healing and we were in the mall for that reason on that day. We regularly go into hospitals, clinics, people’s homes and spend time on the streets praying for people with pain in their bodies and various sicknesses to be healed because that is what God has put on our hearts to do. Many people have been healed from various diseases in radical ways. Praise be to God. Love is our motive. The relationship continues.