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| 21 March 2012
Tonight I sport my bright neon Nike vest. And my big girl panties. And I run 10km through Johannesburg with 10,000 other lovers of this magical city. I have never run so far before. I choose to run not because I’m a runner but because this vision is enough to make a runner out of me. I just love the slogans and all that they’re calling us into – “Run. Run Your City. Run Where They Say You Can’t. Run To Make History. Run Free. Run Jozi.” This is not about a race. This is about a dream. The dream for a city so beautiful – a city so alive with prospects and possibilities that she’s virtually electric 24/7, 365. This is about her most beautiful potential – her people. People of promise. People with hope. People with a future. So tonight, on the anniversary of Human Rights Day, as the stomp of ten thousand takkies take to the tar, I salute the heroes of our past – but more than that – I join in the roar with the heroes of our future. Let’s make this nation unforgettable!