helen joseph hospital visit
| 01 March 2012
Guys the hospital was rad on Sat hey! Freak!

We split up into two teams, and Im not sure what happened to the other guys (although I do know it was power), I must testify to what happened with us. We prayed for 4 people, all of which were healed to some degree.

The first guy was an older portuguese man. He had a bandage on his head, and on the ball of his left foot. He could hardly walk. As we prayed for him, we asked him to walk. Him and his 2 daughters were totally astonished at his healing. I think it was around a 75% healing. We got to minister to all 3 after that.

Secondly, we pryed for a Malawian guy who had had a knee op that week. As he stood and walked, he realised he was TOTALLY 100% healed in Jesus' name. We told him he was going to pray for the next sick person and he agreed.

Just as we said that, an elderly gentleman approached us and said he saw us from his window a few floors up and he came down for prayer. The malawian guy prayed for him (in English and Chichewa), and the excessive pain in his hip was close to eliminated (if not all). YAY!!

We ministered to both for some time then, and left them a very encouraged and empowered believer, and a man who had heard the fullness of the gospel and what Jesus did. Amen

The last guy was a guy in a wheel-chair who couldnt feel or use his legs. ALthough his healing did not fully manifest in him walking, we did see his toes wiggle, and hime stand and move his feet forward slightly. A MASSIVE improvement to before. Robin got minister a prayer of forgiveness, and then a re-commitment (or maybe salvation prayer (I'm not sure)) :-)